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Ever Eden Design Web Site Awards - Criteria Guidelines

The following criteria are considered when evaluating each individual site before the decision is made to present an award. This award was created to celebrate the hard work, long hours and creativity that go into many web sites.

Once you are presented with an award, you will receive via email, the code to link to the award you have won. This award is owned by and is Copyright 1999, 2000 by Ever Eden Design. No copying of these graphics is permitted without prior written permission of Ever Eden Design.

Some things we'll be looking for (you need not meet all criteria for all awards):
  • Unique, custom made graphics
  • Original layout and design
  • Consistency throughout your site
  • Easily navigable pages
  • Fast loading pages (very important)
  • Original use of Java or Javascript
  • Interesting and/or fun content that we think should be shared

How to guarantee you WON'T win an award:
  • Sloooow loading pages
  • Overuse of blinking and marquee tags
  • Graphics without giving credit where due (Stolen!)
  • Java or Javascript that causes browser crash/freezing
  • Sound files that can't be turned off (Grrrrrr!)
  • Really, really ugly colour schemes
  • Broken links, missing pages...that sort of obvious stuff
  • Too much of everything... yuck! Remember, less is usually more

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